Human being is the most crucial Asset

“Young Doctors – Mobile Clinics”

Al Nahdah Social Association

Hadramut, Yemen

Dr. Tarek Awad Bindehbaj ... through his work and performance, Dr. Tarek was considered the most distinguished member of the "Mobile Clinics" Project implemented in partnership with Naseej.  It is with no doubts that he had become number one role model, especially for the young people and Medical staff.

Dr. Tarek did not come to be distinguished only by his constantly apparent commitment to site visit at any area and under all circumstances and for his care for the patients, but also by accompanying them to the governmental hospital at night and being on time for his site visits the next morning.  Such dedication which required a lot of effort and travel which exceeded at times 100 km and reflected a true conviction in the project and its goals which were the reason why and how Dr. Tarek also managed to convince and mobilize many of his colleagues from the medical field to join.  In addition, he also continuously contacted the pharmaceutical companies and encouraged them to offer free medicines to the project.

Furthermore, Dr. Tarek contributed more than just his medical services and all above mentioned support, but also engaged in other activities for young people and communities; he facilitated a number of seminars and debates and organized competitions and provided instructions and guidance at various levels.  During his visits to the rural areas, he connected electrical wires, operated the small generator that was feeding the health unit and repaired the tires of the car to show that with the will and hard work, the youth can overcome many problems that might encounter them.

By modeling his dedication and convictions, this young doctor was capable to inspire and encourage many of the youth and workers to continue with the project.  His presence, humorous spirit, good temper and ongoing smile, contributed largely to bringing joy to the project despite the harshness of the landscape, environment and locations.


Mr. Mubarak Abdullah Idan … is one of the well respected and known community members in "Al-Sum and Sana'" area.  He was one of those people who believed in the project and its importance to his community and thus dedicated much of his time and effort to make the best out of it and thus to its success.   

His provided support at various levels and engaged in many activities, thus reflecting a true local leadership role towards the development of his community.  His support opend as he left no chance without advocating for Al Nahda, the project and its team, with his community as well as the local government offices and in various forums.  He played a major role in building the community’s confidence in the project and its importance to them. Being a true supporter opened many doors thus leading to further benefit for the community at large.   

With his help and support, Al Nahda was able to connect with the “Rural Women Society” in Al-Sum which encouraged many women to take part in the project and its various activities; including: the ‘Health Food Competition’ as well as many other workshops.  Also, many households also opened their doors for the ‘Clean House Competition’ which resulted in the selection of 20 households in the final phase.  Furthermore, several families involved their children in the ‘Children Competition’ that was concluded in organizing an exhibition for the children's drawings in the area in which more than 70 children participated.