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Muhsen - "Iqraa Society"

And why would Adel and his colleagues protest? The volunteers of Iqraa Society are not like “them.” They are diverse with different backgrounds, they dress, think and initiate different than their peers! From the perspective of Adel and many of Al Akhdam Society, they are from ‘another world’, a white world, which they do not have the right to involve in or communicate with.

“Radio Al Kssour” Project

“Back in Time”, “A City and a Product”, “Music and Colors”, “Art History”; these are some of the titles of programs airing on the ‘internet-based’ Radio al Kssour (“Palaces Radio”), a project of the Tunisian cultural and media Organization, ‘Intellectuals Without Borders.’

"Young Doctors - Mobile Clinics" Project

By modeling his dedication and convictions, this young doctor was capable to inspire and encourage many of the youth and workers to continue with the project.

The "Murals" of "On the Wall" Youth Group

In Palestine, graffiti is not an underground activity since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority and only within Palestinians governed areas. The cities are awash with wall murals that invoke iconic images of protest or nationalism ...

"Adwar" Youth Group

Such a minor shift in plans, which was purely field oriented, strengthened the bridges and trust and generated further success to our project in benefiting the youth and community of ‘Tolombat al Max’.