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Production & Advocay

Production & Advocay


"Balesh Hess (Without a Sound)" Project "Balesh Hess (Without a Sound)" Project

The project aimed at enhancing and supporting the right to expression through providing a space for young independent Tunisian artists and activists and at improving the linkages and collaboration amongst the various stakeholders.

"Human Rights Club" Project "Human Rights Club" Project

Amongst the project activities, the group decided to shed light on the condition of Education in Morocco through producing a short documentary.

"Arab Digital Expression Camp" Project "Arab Digital Expression Camp" Project

The production of the ‘training manual’ came as part of Naseej support to ADEF 'Digital Expression Camps' over a number of years which also included the first ToT conducted by ADEF in 2009.

"The Arabic Voice" Project "The Arabic Voice" Project

The project supported the production of a number of songs and video clips for those artists. The songs carried responsible and positive messages that reflected young peoples’ issues and dreams.

"Min Wa Ila" Regional Magazine Project "Min Wa Ila" Regional Magazine Project

"Min Wa Ila" magazine is a pioneer project that provided the opportunity and space for young people, youth workers, practitioners as well as other relevant stakeholders to join in both reflecting on Arab Youth and communities as well as on enhancing the quality of awareness and culture across the region.