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Production & Advocay

Production & Advocay

Acheivement to date ...

The ‘Production and Advocacy’ Program budget, to date and taking into consideration its direct connection to the other two Programs, reached at least $2.5 million dollars.

Over the past years, the program provided financial, as well as programmatic and technical support (when needed), for the production of what is estimated as 80 audio-visual and performing art products including: films, videos, songs, theater plays, storytelling, dance, music performances, and others. 

In addition, with the “Financial Support” partners’, the program also helped produce hundreds of promotional and advocacy material which aimed at raising awareness and gaining public support on various topics and areas of work including, but not limited to: rights, education, health, culture, agriculture, and others. Further, other types of written production were also supports such as research, booklets, etc.

As for Naseej, to-date, two working and training guides were produced in support of CSOs work in human, youth and community development and to help advance trainers approaches and skills; “Al Murshed in CYD” (The Guide in Community Youth Development) and “Al Mulhem (the Inspirer) in Social Justice Work.”

Some of the material produced under the this Program can be found in the “Resources & Publications” section in the website and/or on the Naseej CYD youtube channel: