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Production & Advocay

Production & Advocay

In most cases, the implementation of the "Production and Advocacy" Program is done through and/or in conjunction with one of the two other Naseej Programs. Many of the program's activities come either as part of a larger project for one of our “Financial Support” program partners, or with and by a group of trainees or participants in one of our national or regional convenings and workshop. In addition, Naseej also considers this program as integral part of its direct interventions and efforts and thus it produces various materials and works on multiple and different levels of advocacy.

This Program generally aims at
supporting and advocating for the inclusion of social justice, asset based community development approach and community and youth development values, policies and practices, in the development agendas and programs of the civil society sector in the Arab region. In addition to increasing and improving access of young people, youth organizations and CSOs as well as individual practitioners and activists to information and resources that contribute to the improvement of their work, raise the general level of knowledge, enhance thought and culture, and motivate different views on related issues. This program also seeks to increase the production of resources that are relevant the culture, needs and realities of the region and in the Arabic language. The program also aims at supporting young people’s creativity and production of various materials relevant to their issues and issues of their communities.

The “Production and Advocacy” program activities include producing and supporting the production of resources as well as supporting initiatives that increase access and availability of various educational, cultural, artistic resources such as: research, analytical studies and surveys, booklets and posters, theater plays, films, photography, songs and other related social justice (in general) and community and youth development and assets based working approaches (in specific). Further, the program also encourages and supports the production of public policies related resources, as well as campaigns - direct or electronic - and other relevant activities.

Naseej considers the documentation of development projects and activities is an important resource, both for the product's ability to shed light on an issue or a community or form of action, and also for the fact that many of the activities can be a source of inspiration and motivation to others.