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"Yes .. We CAN" Project

Partner: ‘Oyun for the Arts’ Group

Location: Egypt base with regional reach
Budget: US $5,748.00
Duration: 6 months
Product: A collection of photographs and an animation film that reflects their story

Our goal was to basically further our learning through benefiting others as we exhibit their work through utilizing what we as a group have learned; technical, humanitarian or developmental principles and tools. As a result we visited various groups and organizations activities and reflected the essence of their spirit and dreams and acknowledged their effect through photographs. The institutional aspect was not part of what we wanted to reflect, to us it was mostly about “what the youth can do; and we can do A LOT.” The other aspect we wanted to highlight was the importance of documenting such work and initiatives as the product can play both as a model that can be replicated as well as an inspiration for both youth and community members that “they CAN.”

‘Oyun for the Arts’ Group ..

We started in early 2007 when we decided to establish “Oyun Group.” Our goal is to help people gain skills and provide them with the tools that will assist them to express what they feel and to speak out in an artistic way. We are open to people and experience, and try to see the world, people, and life in different eyes that see beyond what is visible.