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"The Arabic Voice" Project

Partner: 'The Arabic Voice" Project  

Location: Egypt base with regional engagement
Budget: US $32,861.00
Duration: 16 months
Product: a number of songs and video clips for a number of the participating young artists from different countries in addition to a number of performances

The ‘Arabic Voice’ is a musical project which was initiated and managed by two young talented Egyptians from Alexandria (Mahmoud Al Saghier and Muhammad Fawzi). They brought together a group of young independent artists, musicians and dancers from various Arab countries. The project supported the production of a number of songs and video clips for those artists. The songs carried responsible and positive messages that reflected young peoples’ issues and dreams. The project aimed at creating a space for dialogue and debate able to establish mutual understanding and better exchange as well as to create a common language between the various cultures within the region through musical work. And finally, the young artists were all keen to highlight the talents they all carry and to spread their voices and arts across the Arab Region and the World.