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"Shababeek (Windows)" Film Proejct

Partner: 'Ghabash for Production' Group

Location: Jordan base with regional reach
Budget: US $7,862.00
Duration: 8 months
Product: A documentary film of three youth projects
A documentary film reflecting the group’s own experience

Ghabash project aimed at documenting three youth-led and youth-focused organizations and projects in Jordan.  We focused on viewing the development process that takes place during voluntary work and as the young people engage with each other, with adults, and with their communities for the implementation of something useful. We visited the organizations, learned about the projects and activities, and met with the various relevant stakeholders (staff, youth, community members, etc.). In sequence we decided to focus on the projects and processes’ influence on young people as well as on their awareness and cultural development as they live through these experiences. We wanted, through our camera, to only reflect what we observe and experience in their simplest form; exactly as we witness. As a result, Ghabash produced a 32minutes documentary film reflecting the experiences of some Jordanian youth – from our perspective as young Jordanian youth – which in summary states that “youth are an important segment of any society which is capable of contributing positively to its development .. youth are not a passive segment.”

Ghabash Production Group ..

We are a group of young people interested in the arts but especially in filmmaking. We have selected the name "Ghabash" to contribute to eliminating the ‘lack of clarity’ and visual pollution in the images produced through films and to disseminate the audio and visual culture by making films of good quality and also high values and principles. We had met at the Royal Film Commission where we all took various training courses in filmmaking. Many of us produced our own films and videos. We managed to become an active group working in a collective form with and through Naseej.