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"Not BAD!" Project

Partner: 'Zan Studio' 

Location: Palestine base with regional reach
Budget: US $4,000.00
Duration: 5 months
Product: A collection of 9 posters and 25 photos

With "Naseej", we wanted to highlight the young people spirit in Palestine. We chose, to a certain extent, the abstract artistic photographs and we chose the poster as a means. With the poster, we adopted a sarcastic trend with little hope and optimism. "We, the young people, won't waste our time refusing the negative words and terms by which we are described. We will deal with them from values and positive attitude-from our perspective. We talk much and we will continue to talk and cause headache. Right, we talk about a country but a more beautiful country, do you comprehend our point of view?"

Our ambition is that art becomes a popular dish as Hummus and Falafel. We want art to become essential and necessary as a cup of coffee in the morning, easy and free like air, and for all. We would like to see art growing like grass beside the sidewalks. We want a simple art speaking Arabic language with the slang accent and about the street's concern. We don't want to look at the street with an orientalist's eyes. We want to be the street itself and nothing more. For this reason, we adore posters. Our posters are displayed in streets as artistic paintings. They are for free and not displayed to be sold, bought or confiscated.

Zan Studio ..

Zan Studio was established by a group of Palestinian young people concerned and working in the field of visual art. The group adopts modern techniques so as to formulate a contemporary visual speech through the graphic design, animation cartoon, photographing, web pages design and architecture. We, Zan young men, believe in our community role as artists and young people capable, through our tools, to redefine the unquestionable issues and question them.