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"Min Wa Ila" Regional Magazine Project

Partner: Turbo & Jeel

Location: Palestine base with regional involvement and distribution

Budget: USD$ 300,000

TIme:  2007-2010

Product: the establishment and setting up of distribution points as well as the production of the first 11 issues of “Min wa Ila” (from & to youth) Magazine and their distribution regionally; about 25,000 copies were printed from each issue and were distributed through - at least - 400 distribution points in the various countries.

Within the framework of encouraging and deepening the ‘Arab Fabric’ supporting, and providing learning opportunities through exchanging and sharing various experiences at the regional level, Naseej partnered up with the Palestine-based sister companies ‘Turbo and Jeel’ to establish a Regional Youth Magazine in Arabic; “From & To Youth.”

The magazine is a pioneer project that provided the opportunity and space for young people, youth workers, practitioners as well as other relevant stakeholders to join in both reflecting on Arab Youth and communities as well as on enhancing the quality of awareness and culture across the region. 

Jeel Company ..

We, Jeel Company, work on producing magazines and publications of cultural and community concern in completion of our sister company “Turbo Design”. Since 1987 we have been working in the field of design and implementation of media and community publications, most important of which is “This Week in Palestine” published since 1998:

Our beginning was with the distinguished Turbo experience. Then we applied this successful experience on other magazines of different specializations and interests. In January 2007, we issued the first issue of Filistin Ash-Shabab (Palestine Youth): . This is a monthly magazine of which an average of 15,000 copy are freely distributed and reaches to more than 45 thousand young people in the entire Palestinian youth clusters. The third magazine published by Jeel Company was ‘Min Wa ila Ashabab’ (From & To Youth) Regional Magazine, which is a youth magazine dependent on the production of the youth and addresses the youth in all their cultural, artistic, and community gatherings in various Arab countries.