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"Arab Digital Expression Camp" Project

Partner: The 'Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF)' 

Location: Egypt base with regional engagement and outreach
Budget: US $113,670.00
Time: 2008 - 2010
Product: As part of the larger 'Digital Expression Camp' grant and project, a “Training of Trainers” Manual was produced; (an internal ADEF document)

ADEF Website:

The production of the ‘training manual’ came as part of Naseej support to ADEF 'Digital Expression Camps' over a number of years which also included the first ToT conducted by ADEF in 2009.

The Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) ..

ADEF is non-profit organization that works on promoting the use of ICTs by Arab Youth for digital expression and artistic creation; a network of artists and experts supporting and mentoring young talents in the Arab region.