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Financial Support

Financial Support

Travel Grants and Internships ...

Through this project, Naseej provides the opportunity and support for youth, youth workers, as well as activists and development practitioners from the various fields in order to contribute for creating cognitive, cultural and human awareness among the young people, on one hand, and building a culture and a supportive movement for them at all levels.

This project is part of the “Financial Support” Program and hence it could be either done through an open advertisement or through a closed one that reaches out to a specific target audience: a sector, group of partners, geographical areas, specific program beneficiaries, and/or others depending on the specificities of the available funding.

We ask all those interested to follow our social media outlets for adverts linked to ‘financial support’ as well as all other activities.


 Some of the the travel grans and internships that took place during the past years:


“Photo Journalism for Young Journalists Workshop” – Thailand - July 2012

For the first time, Naseej granted a Mobility Internship to Roger from Egypt, a young activist and photographer working at one of the prominent newspapers there, to attend a training workshop outside of the Arab World, in Thailand. Roger was the only accepted applicant for the workshop from all the Arab Region and was provided, by the organizers, with a grant to cover his course fees and accommodation. This workshop is internationally known as one of the most important for young photo journalists.

“A joint Egypt/Tunisia Film Production” - Tunisia & Egypt - July 2012

After documenting many of the Artistic activities organized in Tunisia during the “revolution”, Hassan and Ines - activists, bloggers and filmmakers - decided to travel to Egypt to meet their partner Ezz – activist, writer and filmmaker – and work together on a film that reflects the role of independent and street art in Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions. The visit included a good number of interviews and meetings with artists from different fields as well as social scientists.  

“Naseej Tunisian Young Activists Roundtable” - Tunisia- April 2012

This Mobility Internship provided the opportunity for Cherine from Lebanon and Ahmad from Egypt to participate and take part in the Activists Roundtable organized by Naseej in Tunisia. Through their presence at the roundtable, both Cherine and Ahmad were able to further learn and exchange experience with the Tunisian participants. Beyond the event, both interns visited and met with a number of organizations and groups in Tunisia.

“Arab Jordanian & Palestinian Exchange Camp” - Jordan & Palestine - April 2012

Fatima Al Zahra Riguiby, a young Moroccan development practitioner and activist attended the Camp between April 18 and 27 2012. The camp included visits to different relevant organizations as well as meetings with practitioners and experts. In addition, part of the Camp activities included field trips to different localities in both countries which provided an opportunity for the Arab participants to learn further about both countries.

“Luxor Festival for African Cinema” - Luxor, Egypt - February 2012

With a mobility internship from Naseej, Murad, a young Algerian Filmmaker, made it to the first Luxor Festival for African Cinema which took place in Luxor between the 21 and 28 of February 2012 and was attended by a good number of movie makers, stars and other relevant representatives from the African Continent as well as 93 films representing the participating States. In addition to his participation in the Festival, Murad as well joined a workshop for “Young African Filmmakers” which was one of the Festival workshops. Such an opportunity allowed Murad share and learn through other participants and to develop contacts and links with other peers and organizations across Africa.

“Security Exchange Information through Technology Workshop” Development Research Center in the USA (DRC) & American University of Beirut- Beirut- October 2011

Two activists & bloggers were provided with Mobility Internships to attend the workshop; Alaa’ Shihaby from Bahrain (Activist and University Professor) and Mohamad Khalid from Egypt (Activist and Journalist living the USA).

“Building Origami Capacities and Network” - Beirut, Amman, Damascus, Bahrain & Sana'a - April 2010

Ossama Helmy’s trip to five countries aimed at further spreading the Origami art in the region and creating an informal network for the Origamists in the Arab world. In each country, and through the support of Naseej’s partners and practitioner’s network, Ossama delivered 2 workshops; one for children and the second was for those interested to learn or to enhance their Origami skills and become trainers. Osama’s plan beyond the trip was to establish the Arab Origami Center and the regional Origami Festival.

“Visit for Naseej’s Partners in Egypt” - Egypt - October 2009

Ra’fat and Hijazi, Naseej’s partners from Palestine, visited a group of organizations and youth groups in Egypt, this visit was an opportunity for them to enhance and develop their understanding of Community Youth Development- CYD concepts through the exposure to the objectives and the process of implementation of the projects and the initiatives that carried out by Naseej’s partners. The exchange and participation of experiences and expertise between them, and the organizations and youth groups in Egypt increased their motivation to develop and implement some of the initiatives in their communities.

“Youth Arab Meeting/ organized by Princess Basma Center” – Jordan - October 2009

Zainab, Maysara, Hilal and Mohyildeen were chosen through the exchange and linkages program to participate in the Youth Arab Meeting that was organized by Princess Basma Center in Amman in October, 2009. The meeting formed a space for learning and exchange of expertise and experiences between the participants, as well as to discuss the best practices that they use in their organizations, initiatives, and their field work. Also they discussed future potential collaboration and partnership between the different organizations represented in the meeting.

“Visit to number of Diverse Organizations and Centers that are Active and Working in the CYD Approach” – Jordan - September and October 2009

After they know each other during Ajloun regional meeting of youth workers, Marwa from Egypt and Fatima from Morocco, and both of them are youth workers at Naseej, they got an opportunity to visit and learn from the experiences of number of diverse and active institutions and centers in Jordan, that are active and working within Community Youth Development- CYD approach. During the visits they were able to exchange their knowledge and expertise with these institutions and centers, and to learn a lot from their experiences and to networking with them. In addition to promote their understanding of the community youth development principles and the concepts, and linked it to work on the field, which push Fatima to share the gained knowledge and experience with the youth when she returns to Morocco because of her the belief in the importance of that.

“Janana Summer Forum” - Lebanon - August 2009

Ezzat, Marwa, and Maher from Egypt and Ja’far from Jordan attended Janana Summer Forum in Lebanon between August 6th and 14th 2009 in addition to around 150 youth from different organizations in the Arab World participated in the forum. The large and diverse number of participants allowed for a rich and true sharing of experiences, linkages and networking. The participants gained different skills in personal and professional levels through the forum, in addition to the technical skills they gained during the workshops.

“Documenting and Producing a Film about the Celebration of the International Youth Day” - Egypt- August 2009

Mohammad from Ghabash group from Jordan, one of Naseej’s partners in dissemination and production program was selected to go to Egypt to help Naseej’s partners in Egypt to document and produce a film about the celebration of World Youth Day. Naseej thought that this might be a good opportunity for Mohammad to discover, test and enhance his knowledge, expertise, and experience and share it with the others in addition to learn from them. This experience was useful for Mohammad on both levels personal and professional, and its effects reflected at his motivation and his role in the group.

“Youth Workers Reflections after a visit to Egypt” – Egypt - August 2009

Through visiting a number of organizations in Egypt, participants were given a real opportunity to be exposed to the various experiences regarding working with youth. They experienced great days filled with benefit, pleasure and knowledge.

Ahmad: “My visit to Egypt was a turning point in my life on both personal and professional levels. It contributed to the development of my vision towards the youth work in the Arab World. The travel experience itself was an important factor in shaping my personality“.

Aram: “I was exposed to many interesting and new experiences especially those related to youth initiatives; I have gained a lot of technical skills that enable me to execute these initiatives back home”.

Aida: “This experience enhanced my perception about youth work especially the one that is built on persuasion and full awareness of the positive\active role youth should take towards the development of themselves and their communities. It also opened my eyes to the importance of voluntary work as an affective medium used in solving local communities’ problems through utilizing the youth energy, ideas and motivation“.

Ra’fat: “I felt the team spirit amongst the youth who works in the initiatives; I believe this is the major factor for their success”.

“Khuolud from Gaza” – Jordan- Jun & July 2012

Khuloud, a young enthusiastic girl from Gaza, is a living proof on the proverb “where there is a will, there is a way”. Despite all the difficult circumstances, the imposed embargo and the three days she had to survive without the simplest basic needs of living, Khuloud managed to transcend all the odds and made it to Jordan. She was supposed to arrive on the 26th of June to participate in the 2nd regional youth workers’ event that was held in Ajloun, but because of the conditions she arrived on the 30th. This left her only one day to interact with the participants. Nevertheless, as soon as she joined the meeting, she filled the room with her infectious energy, mingling with everyone and moving around the room like a butterfly moving from one flower to another, eager to learn and share her experience with the others. Her positive words encouraged all the participants who wished things were different to be able to visit Gaza and know more about Naseej partners and their work. Khuloud managed to create that sweet curiosity in the minds of all the attendees. This is the kind of youth Naseej addresses; this is the kind Naseej wants to encourage and provide with the services, opportunities and support they deserve. Because of that, Naseej decided to extend Khuloud’s stay in Jordan and give her the opportunity to know more about Naseej partners and the chance to meet more people who could be of benefit to her.