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Financial Support

Financial Support

Grants and Contracts ...

This part of the ‘Financial Support’ Program is stemmed from our conviction that "the people – of any place – are the ones who know it most” .. In other words, we believe that any real and profound development efforts aiming at achieving deep effect and lasting change, whether on the human or the place, the systems or institutions, the laws, the policies, etc., can only fulfil its goals with and through its main stakeholders. We also believe that top-down approaches, imposed development efforts, and/or those managed and implemented fully by an external party - even when hiring some locals - unless engaging stakeholders and developing their ownership at all levels was at their core, they will always come out short of fulfilling their goals, and of sustaining them and their impact. 

For this, we are constantly striving to deliver our values ​​and principles and to achieve our goals for young people and communities in the Arab Region through building partnerships with organizations and groups based and active within and with their communities in their respective countries. These partnerships are built based on shared goals, fundamental values ​​and principles. For this also, we believe that the provision of grants and other forms of contracts with all does not grant us a better position, because while our support may include the financial and technical support as well as other resources (depending on demand and availability), they on the other hand contribute their hard work, time and many resources in addition to their knowledge and experience in their communities and fields. Therefore, we see and work with them as “partners” and not “beneficiaries.”