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Financial Support

Financial Support

Naseej provides “Financial Support” - mostly - to newly established, small to medium size organizations in addition to youth groups and individual practitioners across the region in support of their growth and development as well as the development of their communities and areas of interest.

The purpose of this Program is to:

  • Improve access, quality and expanded outreach of ‘youth and community development’ programs and activities at the local, national and regional levels
  • Strengthen the capacities and capabilities of actors and implementers; young practitioners, groups, movements and organizations
  • Encourage and enhance networking, exchange and shared learning
  • Encourage innovation in approaches at the community level
  • Support knowledge building and increase the range of culturally appropriate resources on pressing and relevant issues to the Arab Region, in Arabic
  • Advocate for inclusion of developmentally & ethically sound youth & community development policies, concepts and approaches in development agendas and programs

As ‘social justice’ is the overarching goal of our work, Naseej supports a wide range of interrelated developmental issues for that any given field of interest is only a piece of the fabric comprised of a common blend rather than a collection of individual strings. In addition to supporting projects and activities including audio-visual and written productions, Naseej also support partners’ institutional development and sustainability. Hence and depending on each case separately, Naseej could also supports operational cost, equipment, etc.

The Naseej ‘financial support’ is usually provided after a RFP (request for proposals) and solicitation process which is either done through an open advertisement or through a closed one that reaches out to a specific target audience: a sector, group of partners, geographical areas, specific program beneficiaries, and/or others depending on the specificities of the available funding.

In some cases Naseej organizes solicitation workshops in the various countries in order to launch the RFP, explain relevant details including the conceptual framework as well as financial and operational requirements.

All ‘RFPs’ specifies the form / type of support, themes, targeted audience, countries, duration, size, etc.

Naseej 'Financial Support forms: 

  • Grants
  • Mobility / Travel Internships
  • Contracts
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Memorandums of Understanding

Naseej encourages its partners to build their plans and design their activities together with their targeted audience and based on their strengths and assets (not only needs and problems) and seek to break away from the emphasis on ‘training as an end in itself’ in favor of ‘learning by doing’ which can be done through a number of innovative mechanisms and approaches.

Further, through all Programs, Naseej as well promotes the importance for actors and implanters to always maintain a margin of self-reliance and apply the ‘asset-based developmental efforts and giving’ as opposed to developing total dependence on external support and donor.

Naseej “Financial Support” - that is not linked to any of the other programs - is not available all the time as it depends on the availability of financial resources sufficient enough to open a call from proposals. Hence, we ask all those interested to follow our social media outlets for adverts linked to ‘financial support’ as well as all other activities.