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Capacity Building & Networking

Capacity Building & Networking

Achievements to date...

Naseej “Capacity Building and Networking” program budget exceeded $700,000 as 165 convening had been organized to date; 18 regional and 147 national and local ones which reached out to more than 4,200 individuals directly and to more than 50,000 others indirectly across the Arab region.

The regional convenings and workshops were organized in a number of countries including: Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt and Jordan and included participants from 18 countries. The national workshops were organized in various localities in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

The convenings’ varied in their goals, participants as well as outputs. Some focused on developing the capacities of Naseej ‘Financial Support’ Program’s partners based on their assets and needs. Others specifically aimed at enhancing the “youth workers” area of work as well as developing the competencies of the youth workers and their institutions and where many of which were “training of trainers.” And while some came in response to a specific emerging trend such as the “Youth Groups” national and regional workshops, others came in response to tackle much wider complicated context such as the “Youth Activists” and the “Social Media and Alternative Learning Tools.”

In general, all events and workshops intersect with one main goal which is providing free and safe spaces for meeting, learning, exchange and networking.


The following table summarizes the convenings that took place to date:

 All Workshops aim at Networking No  Admin  Program  Conceptual  Specialized  Participants 
 Capacity Building Workshops; National  52 X X   X 900
 Partners Regional Events  2    X    X  300
 Youth Groups National Roundtables  8    X  X  X  85
Youth Groups Regional Workshop  1    X  X  X  45
 Conceptual Workshops; National  42    X  X    1,170
 Conceptual Workshops; Regional  9    X  X    389
 Activists roundtables; National  10    X    X  100
 Activists Workshops; Regional  3    X    X  162
 Social Media Workshops; Regional  1    X    X  45
 Social Justice Workshops; National  15    X  X  X  269
 Social Justice & HR Workshops; Regional  2    X  X  X  50
 RFP Workshops; National  18  X  X  X    700
 Donors Roundtables; Regional  2  X  X  X  X  400
   165          2,425