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Capacity Building & Networking

Capacity Building & Networking

The Naseej “Capacity Building & Networking” Program includes a number of projects and activity-packages which contribute to enhancing the competencies of organizations, groups and individuals.

This Program generally aims at strengthening the capacities and capabilities of actors and implementers; young practitioners, groups, movements and organizations. Encouraging and enhancing the shared learning approach through exchange of experience, skills and knowledge, etc. Promoting collective leadership and support the development of coalitions and networks as well as increasing and enhancing youth active and qualitative engagement. In addition to promoting social justice and human rights values as well as relevant CYD & ABCD concepts and approaches.

Through this Program’s various activities, Naseej provides a platform for shared learning, exchange, linkages and networking between and amongst the different relevant players in the region (and beyond) in order to create stronger civil society’s fabric that is able to support and enhance its work and to protect and sustain the various roles and impact within societies.

All events and workshops are interactive learning spaces where ‘the learning content is consolidated with the learning process’ and depends mostly on the participants (their backgrounds, abilities and needs, etc.) as main actors in their own continuous learning processes (during the workshops as before and after). For this, Naseej always seeks to engage the target audience and participants in the development of training workshops especially those related to developing the management, programmatic and technical capacities. As for the conceptual workshops, they are usually prepared for through different process as described in the ‘conceptual framework’ section.

Through this program, Naseej’s interventions work on five levels:

  1. the management and operational level: management and financial systems, strategic planning, fundraising, report writing, grants management, etc.; 
  2. the programmatic level: program design & implementation, monitoring and evaluation, documentation, community mobilizations, advocacy, etc.;
  3. the principles and conceptual level: specialized workshops which aims to introduce and apply social justice and human rights values and principles as well as the CYD, ABCD and other relevant concepts and approaches into all development interventions;
  4. the specialized technical level: workshops that targets specific groups who share similar technical expertise or field of work;
  5. Networking and cooperation level: promoting and encouraging networking and cooperation between groups with varying experiences in the field, across the region and beyond and, at the same time, initiating linkages between various players for various reasons. All projects and activity-packages of this Program intersects with the fifth level

Implementation means and mechanisms:

  • On the job training and mentoring; during the implementation of a specific project
  • Regular follow up and feedback over an agreed upon period of time;
  • Training workshops; for one or more institution; on local, national and regional levels;
  • Events and Conveinings; usually carry flexible program that depends largely on participants interventions and contributions; on local, national and regional levels;
  • Specialized and/or open meetings, panels, round-tables, etc.;
  • Development of material; written and audio-visuals;
  • Provide access to information; connecting and linking various parties.

This Program is implemented - in majority - directly by ‘Naseej Team’ including staff and professional practitioners and volunteers and in some cases together and through external consultants and partners; coming from diverse expertise, backgrounds and countries.