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Naseej Programs

Naseej Programs

Naseej works through three main programs which carry and provide a number of projects and activities to institutions, groups and individuals (youth, activists, workers) within the civil society sector in particular and other sectors in general. All programs intersect in goals, outputs and desired impact.

The organization identifies its programmatic interventions as “Services, Opportunities and Support (SOS)” which is a principled practical approach that reflects the importance of the interdependency of these three elements for bringing about a holistic and sustainable developmental impact on individuals, institutions and communities.

The "SOS" approach and one of the four main concepts and approaches that forms Naseej ‘conceptual framework’ which also includes: the “Asset Based Community Development”, “Community Youth Development, and "Positive Youth Development."

Naseej Programs – SOS

  • Capacity Building and Networking Program
  • Financial Support Program
  • Production and Advocacy Program
The Services, Opportunities, Supports (SOS) Approach identifies three types of interventions essential for all development work:
  • Provision of Services that strengthen individuals and structures’ capabilities and positively influence their communities and environment
  • Provision of Opportunities for both informal instruction and active learning, as well as opportunities for new roles, responsibilities and decisions
  • Provision of Support on the emotional, motivational, technical and strategic fronts

Till now .. Naseej organized 165 convening; 18 regional and 147 national and local ones which reached out to more than 4,200 individuals directly and to more than 50,000 others indirectly across the Arab region. Provided ‘financial support’ to 147 Partners (individuals, groups and organizations) from seven in support of their efforts to provide ‘services, opportunities and support’ for divers communities and targeted audiences thus reaching to 363 localities in 7 countries. Naseej also supported a number of ‘Regional Projects’ which reached out to more than 20 Arab Countries. Granted 125 mobility and travel internships granted to young practitioners and activists (49 for females and 76 for males) from nine countries. Provided financial, as well as programmatic and technical support (when needed), for the production of what is estimated as 80 audio-visual and performing art products including: films, videos, songs, theater plays, storytelling, dance, music performances, and others. In addition, with the “Financial Support” partners’, the program also helped produce hundreds of promotional and advocacy material which aimed at raising awareness and gaining public support on various topics and areas of work including, but not limited to: rights, education, health, culture, agriculture, and others. Further, other types of written production were also supports such as research, booklets, etc. And produced two working and training guides were produced in support of CSOs work in human, youth and community development and to help advance trainers approaches and skills; “Al Murshed in CYD” (The Guide in Community Youth Development) and “Al Mulhem (the Inspirer) in Social Justice Work.”

Naseej “Capacity Building and Networking” program budget exceeded $700,000, while the ‘Financial Support’ program total budget is $6,315,671.00 and the ‘Production and Advocacy’ program budget reached at least $2.5 million dollars.