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Who We Are

Who We Are

In Arabic, “Naseej” means both “the action of weaving” and its “produced fabric.” The name is chosen to reflect our ambitions to supporting and reinforcing individual and collective efforts as well as relationships and networks between the various relevant stakeholders - within various social and professional institutions – in each country and across countries in the Arab Region in order to build enabling and supportive environment based on the assets and resources reflected in the region’s communities which are rich in history and present, multi-cultural, multi colored, not only connected but also intertwined, as in any real piece of fabric.

‘Naseej - Community Youth Development Initiative (CYDI)’ was first established through its Jordan regional-base office in late 2005 and under the legal structure of Save the Children-USA. Throughout the early years of its life, Naseej’s achievements, increasingly recognized role and impact together with its credibility and dedication, encouraged its stakeholders (local partners, practitioners, management, our staff, and the donor community) to transform the ‘CYD Regional Initiative’ into an independent Foundation.

In early 2010, ‘Naseej Foundation’ was registered in Belgium as a ‘Private Foundation’ and, in sequence, a branch was also registered in Amman under the Jordanian Ministry of Development (MOSD) in the middle of 2011.

Vision .. Diverse, conscious and effective individuals and communities that are constantly seeking to have principled-positions and to take positive and responsible roles - through equitable partnerships - in enhancing and developing their reality and environment and to bringing justice for all; within each country and across the Arab region.

Mission .. A regional ‘Arab Foundation’ that unleashes the potential of youth, communities and the civil society field, to collectively engage in achieving real & sustainable development impact and change through promoting and applying CYD concepts and reinforcing social justice and rights principles in the Arab Region.

In implementing its work and programs, Naseej applies a ‘progressive and alternative’ model of philanthropy and development work which is based on values and principles as well as practical approaches that promote and call for justice; namely "social justice" for its direct impact on the social, political, economic and cultural realities and environment. As ‘social justice’ is the overarching goal, Naseej supports a wide range of interrelated developmental issues; any given field of interest is only a piece of the fabric comprised of a common blend rather than a collection of individual strings.

Naseej Foundation is committed to achieving real and sustainable impact and positive change through its ‘human-centered conceptual framework’ which enables individuals, societies and organizations to create and deliver innovative solutions to pressing challenges identified by communities and young people in the different localities.

In general, Naseej work is focussed in the Arab Region. To date, the ‘financial support’ program reached out to 7 countries: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunis & Yemen. Other program activities reached out to 9 more countries including: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Sudan, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Syria.

Naseej aims at reaching further countries in the region as well as - especially - young people from the region (and beyond) who are residing in other parts of the world.

The Naseej Foundation is a not-for-profit and not partisan Arab foundation that is dynamic, responsive, engaging and concerned for the redistribution of resources and power. In addition to its conceptual framework, it is motivated and driven by what comes from the field and propelled by knowledge and innovations.