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Naseej Values & Approaches

Naseej Values & Approaches

Naseej Values and Principles ...

Justice and equality... we believe that all human beings have equal rights and duties regardless of race, gender, age, belief, educational and economic backgrounds, etc.

Respect and acceptance of others... we adopt the principle of mutual respect and acceptance among everyone - at work and in life - and expect the same from others in return.  We appreciate and respect uniqueness and cultures of all communities and individuals we work and deal with.

Diversity and differences... we celebrate diversity and respect the difference between individuals, communities and nations.  

Freedom and innovations... we motivate everyone to take active responsible roles in their communities free of any fear from outside pressure.  We support and create spaces that emphasize ‘freedoms’ and inspire ‘innovations’ as we value their importance and connectivity to the concepts of ‘responsibility’ and ‘decision-making’.

Risk and flexibility... we test new initiatives, act rapidly when required, work with the least attractive in the market terms and support activities that may not look sustainable for the majority of donor organizations.

Partnership and engagement... we believe in partnership and linkages with and between all relevant stakeholders at all levels. We encourage and apply the concept of "engagement" versus "participation."  And our partnerships are open ended relations.  

Impact... We believe that learning, development and thus real impact happen throughout the processes individuals and communities are subjected to and engaged in (practical experience on the ground).  Hence, we constantly focus our efforts on innovating practical approaches and mechanisms that are principle-based and able to ensure real learning paths.

Sustainability... we believe that the concept of sustainability is mainly dependent on the continuity of functions and processes that aspire - continuously - to bring about positive change on individuals and communities which can be guaranteed through individuals and communities and not necessarily (only) through the structures and institutions.


Naseej Working Approaches ...

  • We believe in the “Community Youth Development” concepts and approaches, and thus, our operations firmly rooted in the field of social justice and human rights.  
  • We come to the scene with an open mind - not as a regional organization that has all the answers, but as experienced, inquisitive organization and people that carry clear principled-positions, genuine interest and motivations, eager to work and give and to share opportunities and resources.    
  • We strive to make the best use of limited resource and build on existing assets; those that belong to us or to others, so as to contribute to their strengthening and recognition.  
  • We believe that human beings are the primary asset that can ensure the continuity of life and sustainability of development processes required for making real impact and change on individuals and within communities.
  • We recognize that communities have knowledge, skills and practices that are effective and valuable assets which must be built on and emphasized.
  • We value the voices and roles of the partners and communities we serve, and we enhance their ownership of their affairs and relevant developmental processes as well as their decisions concerning the development of themselves and their realities.
  • We support and execute values-based interventions.  Values-based interventions are identified through judging how well values are integrated into practices and in the execution of work.
  • We believe in the power of connections, cooperation, leverage and sharing. We create opportunities for our partners to share their effective practices, promising ideas and toughest challenges and unique resources.
  • We are not about “fixing” youth and/or communities; we merely work toward unleashing their potential.
  • We offer opportunities and support in addition to services for making positive impact requires applying holistic developmental approach.
  • We provide safe and free spaces for shared learning and development.  We learn from our experiences and we welcome constructive feedback; always ready to make corrections and to renew our approaches and practices.