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Nassej Team

Nassej Team

Board of Directors (BoD)

Naseej Foundation Board of Directors was first established in 2010. Beyond that, the first BoD election took place in 2013.

The current BoD consists of five members who come from diverse age group, gender, professional backgrounds and countries. The BoD members are:

  • Sawsan Darwazeh – Chairperson
  • Chirene Chimaly
  • Ehaab Abdou
  • Muayad Khdear
  • Ahmad Aqrabawi

Naseej Foundation’s Board members are selected from a group of prominent individuals who not only acting as role models and champions for young Arabs, but also providing positive models from the Arab region with its resources, capabilities, values and unique diverse cultures and civilizations.



  • Hania Aswad (Executive Director & Secretary of the BoD).
  • Marwa Karout (Project Coordinator).
  • Mutasem Abu Daqa (Main Trainer & Treasurer of the BoD).
  • Ahmad Nassrallah (Accountant).

Naseej Team’s boundaries go beyond the staff members who were over years diverse, qualified, concerned and committed individuals from different countries but also those individuals identified as core teams and focal points (youth Workers and Activists) who contributed continue to contribute intensively to planning, implementing and evaluating many activities at the national and regional levels and mostly on voluntary bases.