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Donors and supporters

Donors and supporters


Throughout the past years, Naseej worked with and received financial support from a number of International Funding Organizations and Agencies as well as few Arab individuals who opted to maintain their names as anonymous


Funding Organizations:


Special Partnerships:


Credit & Acknowledgement:

Very special thanks to the following individuals and organizations who have provided various types of support to Naseej during on different levels over the past years:

- Atalla Kuttab                                     - Saad Abdel Hadi                          - Naim Kamel 

- Aya Maraqa                                      - Mohamad Dabour                        - Ayman Bardawil

- Yazan Khalili                                    - Rima Khalidi                                  - Muzna Al Masri

- Nafisa al Jaifi                                    - Hisham al Rubi                            - Kamel Nabulsi

- Khalid Nabirs                                   - Suad Nabhan                                - Nizar Rammal

- Youssef Hajjar                                  - Alaa Aghbari                                - Ahcen Majroudi

- Nawal Al Haj                                    - Samia Takali                                 - Muna Odeh

- Aida Seoudi


- IKBIS: George Akra and Wa’el Attili - (sponsoring Naseej Channel)

- The Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement – American University of Cairo

- Royal Jordanian -

- Umniah Telecommunication Company, Joradan -